The Heart of America - Kansas

Fort Larned, operating from 1859 to 1878, was created to protect the Santa Fe Trail from hostile Indians. In connection with the relocation of the Indian tribes on the reservation and the completion of construction of the railway through Kansas the trail lost its importance, and the fort - ceased to exist. Today the fort with 9 historic buildings located on its territory is one of the most well-preserved specimens of this kind of buildings belonging to the period of the Indian Wars - most buildings, including barracks and dining room, presented in its original form.

Fort Scott, named after the commander of the battle during the Mexican-American War General Winfield Scott, in the middle of the 19th century served as a military base. Over the next quarter century, the fort was used as a supply base and to ensure safety during the Civil War in Kansas and the American Civil War. Now “under the protection” of the fort there are 20 historic buildings, five acres of ground and tallgrass prairie.

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